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Nearly 24 hours and... the sun -hisss-   
08:03pm 03/07/2005
mood: tired (it looks... perverted)
Time for a entry just reporting on meh life... how exciting! (ja, right...) hehe. I went out to a lake today while my dad and his gilfriend's son, Paul, fished. My dad's girlfriend was there too, Debbie. I just sat around reading manga, mainly. While reading manga... I was setting out in the sun... Okay now, you, the reader of this journal thingier of mine prolly don't know this... buuut, I am VERY pale. I've barely gone out in the sun at all... So, yeah. I was super lucky I didn't get a really bad sunburn! My cheeks and across the bridge of my nose are red though... my arms got a bit tanned and my elgs got a little sun. But um yeah... the way I have the red right there... it's like an anime/manga blush thingier... x.x;; I feel weeeiiiird looking! Well, I'm aware that I already look weird and all (Kelsey: Nuuu! Felicia no look weird! *is sure that's what she'll say or at least think*).

Moving on... the twenty four hour thing. That's how long I've been up almost. Just off by like an hour or so x.x;; I feel like falling over and going to sleep... but I doubt I could 'cause I still have some get up and go in me and all.

Manga... I was reading it. Tactics is interesting and the boys in it are quite cute n.n Qwan... well, the main character Qwan is a kinda weird little cutie, I think. I like his hair... Ah and The Devil Does Exist... I mentioned in my last entry I got it 'cause the main character reminded me of the j-rock star hide... Well, I read that first volume of it I got. I loved it! Just loooved it! So my favorite shoujo manga pretty much now. I just love the character Takeru that looks like hide... oh and guuueeess what... The mangaka did base Takeru on hide. Someone asked her that and she answered it in a Q&A section of the manga. Oh and the boys in Takeru's class... I love them too. They're just so cute... one wears this hooded sweatshirt and the hood has a duck bill on it! And another wears army fatigues... oh and this one had his hair pulled back in pigtail thingiers... just the top of his hair in the front... they were pulled back on his head... and then later pretty much the same thing, but with braids. Oh and then Takeru himself. I love his hair styles... and eyes... and nose... he has a cute round-ish nose... Yesh, I may just go fangirl over Takeru hehe. I'm already feeling quiet inspired to make a new group of characters based off of Takeru and the boys in his class. Oh! And the main girl character of the manga... Oh what was her name... *goes to look it up*

... Kayano! Gah. I think I may be going boy crazy like Nikki >> Manga-boy crazy... tehee... Her hair was sooooo cute at the beginning of the manga. I'll have to scan it and post it... Gah, if only my stupid scanner would work though. It's plugged in and everything, but the damn thing just WON'T turn on x.x;; It's annoying me bad. I need to tell my dad I need a new one... but he'll get mad and be bitchy about it 'cause it's more money spent on my computer and all. I'm sure he'll also go off on how it's messed up because occasionally my cats sleep on top of it... Okay, I know they sometime hit the buttons on it, but... I seriously doubt they'd make it so it would not turn on anymore. After all... I pressed all the buttons on it more then once trying to get it to work >.> ... *cough*

Hmm... I could try wacking it a few times... though knowing my luck, my dad would see me doing it and get mad or something haha. Either that, or it'd just suddenly fall apart and no longer have any hope of ever working again... period.

Gah. I'm babbling... prolly cause I'm feeling a bit out of it... >.>

Oh, I also got a chance to read the two volumes of Othello I got (3&4). They were of course great. I just love Othello. Yana is just so cute and shy and stuff... and Nana is just really a fecking crazy violent guuuurl o-o

Okay, I'll just shut up now... then go pass out my bed *noddles*


:Closing Statement:
Sleeeeep ish good... and I'm too lazy to go post this in my msn my space blog thingier...
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Manga, manga... manga! Whee~   
02:26pm 02/07/2005
mood: way too full
Um, yeah. I went shopping at the mall and got some manga... hehe.

Before that though, I went to the grocery store and out to eat. Oh God I ate soo much x.x;; Too much. Especially since I'm suppose to be dieting and all! Ah well. I guess it was okay to eat like that since I've lost a bit over ten pounds. Hopefully I didn't gain too much back today ^^;;

Moving on. The manga I got... I got a bunch of new things. One new manga I got just 'cause I was going to get another free... and yeah. Pink-ish haired boy on the cover reminded me of hide... from X-Japan and yeah >.>

Okay now... I got the following manga:
Arm of Kannon volume 1
Cross volumes 1 & 2 (pretty kinda gothy art... cute boy...)
FAKE volume 2 (I lost mine so I got a new one... mainly 'cause I've gotten the urge to re-read it)
Gundam Wing Episode Zero (I've been wanting to read this since I was... 11, I read just a translation of it back then... no pictures or anything ;_;)
Othello volumes 3 & 4
Qwan volume 1 (the boy on the front looked interesting... what was on the back also sounded interesting)
RG Veda volume 2
Tactics volume 1 & 2 (I got this 'cause there's a cute boy on the cover of volume one... hehe. Oh and the back of it... what's written there sounded pretty interesting too!)
The Demon Ororon volumes 2, 3, & 4
The Devil Does Exist (okay.. the hide-reminding boy was on the cover... and a girl at the book store recomended it... oh and the title just sounds interesting also)
Until the Full Moon volume 2

Humm... it seems as though I have boys on the mind... *opens up Othello and tries to get girls on the mind instead* Hehe.

I do believe I'm going to soon run out of room on my third bookshelf... the small/short one. I need to move all the crap I have on it already to fit the manga I got today. My other two bookshelves are totally full x.x;; I need more shelf room. I'm not sure where to put myd rawing stuff, laptop, and such. If I fill up even one shelf on my third bookshelf, I won't have room for all my other crap x.x;; The tops of my bookshelves are already full of candles and other crap of mine... little nic nacs and such.

Oh, before I forget. I also got a little free preview thing of Shojo Beat... I'm not sure if I'll buy it or not... I will if they do a better job on stuff then Shonen Jump... *shudder* Art of the dopple ganger or whatever... ninja centerfod... Guy! (instead of kage bushi no jutsu (shadow clown), sexy no jutsu (I can't remember the Japanese word used for sexy at the moment...), and Gai... ugh... I hate that they called him Guy... even though I don't like Gai... it's still... eww...).

Enough of me babbling about how much I loath Shonen Jump and of course viz also though...

Other then that... what else is new with me... ahh, I've been playing a few games on GBA... Advanced Wars and a Zelda game... Umm... *goes to check the name* The Minish Cap... Yeah. I haven't played a Zelda game since on the old nintendo... God, that was really forever ago. Around like... ten years or something, haha.

I need to get back to playing Breath of Fire 2... I made it part of the way through the game before taking a break... I can't even really remember where I was now x.x;; Meep.

Also, I'm probably going to make a new avatar rating thread on Gaia soon... since mine is still... just not there. I'll probably like do something with poisons this time maybe... or at least death-ish, 'cause I just feel like being a morbid wil girl... yesh I do.


:Closing Statment:
I feel like falling over and going to sleep from eating too much x.x;;

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Some unfinished dollies... and my doggies are okay!   
06:57am 30/06/2005
mood: relieved
My dogs are all back. I went outside to look around for them again, after the sun had came up... and there they all three were, asleep on the gravel driveway next door x.x;; Jackie came running right in, but Buttercup was a little difficult, and I had to carry Hunter inside x.x;; He's a freaking heavy dog!

Anyway though. I feel so relieved. I'm so happy none of them got hit and they're all okay now. I was sure one of them would get hit.

Anyway. Let's move onto more pleasant matters!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's a cuty dollie I made... that isn't finished yet. His hair sin't going to be that color it's drawn in though... I'm probably going to make it black, but I'm not sure yet. It will just probably be a dark-ish color... Maybe black with blue tips or streaks... Not too sure, any suggestions?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's another doll I haven't finished yet. All that's left to do is the hair pretty much. I'm thinking of redrawing it a bit though, making those big curls different looking... maybe a big smaller, and I'll add a couple more.

Other then that... Let's see... I've started dieting... God it's so hard to do! I've lost like... six pounds so far and it's going on four days that I've been dieting. I'm hoping to loose at least fifty by my birthday in August. It would be great if I could manage to loose more then that though..

Oh, and horrible me... I stopped reading the html thingier I was reading. I need to get back to reading it. I'll probably try to later today, maybe after I watch a few episodes of Hellsing. I started rewatching it yesterday. It's an anime if you didn't know... it's quite a good one. It's also a manga, which is drawn by a perverted otaku who usually drew hentai and all before Hellsing, haha.

Um. Yeah. I also updated my character site... and got my characters Lorence, Maro, and Naolin added... Hehe... L, M, and N... that makes me think of Death Note... L, Mero (Mello), and Nia (Near)... I love those three sooo much *huggles and molests them lots*

Okay, I'll go ahead and shut up now. I've been babbling too much already, I'm sure.


:Closing Statment:
*cuddles Jackie, Hunter, and Buttercup* I'm just so glad they're all okay n.n

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My doggies TT_TT   
04:45am 30/06/2005
mood: worried and freaking out
My dogs Jackie, Buttercup, and Hunter are all gone... They broke out of the porch (it was hot and they were there so they would have a lot of shade and stuff... the idiots didn't like going into their dog houses...), and now I can't find them. My dad and I both walked alla round yelling for them and couldn't find them anywhere... I hope none of them get hit or anything... I know that Jackie should eventually come back, but I really don't know about Buttercup and Hunter... Hunter is really afraid of people, so I'm worried about him. Buttercup is an idiot.. Jackie is an idiot pretty much also x.x;;; Gaaah... I don't want anything to happen to any of them! TT_TT I'll cry if anything does.

Oh noes... I changed meh mind! And-and... HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE!?   
07:21pm 23/06/2005
mood: not really sure >.>
Well, I do believe that I am going to try making a new background thingier for this lj of mine. It's the result of reading Fire Candy over... Well, mainly reading chapter 10 and seeing the awesome picture of Haru and Ryoki at the beginning of it. I love Haru! Ryoki... I like him too. I mean... he's an insane cow-boy! How could I not like him? Too bad Leo wasn't in the picture or something too though... I like him also. I think I like Leo/Haru better then Ryoki/Haru anyway...

The luffly picture is right here~

Isn't it uh... 'cute'? Hehe.

Anyway though. I hope I can make a good wallpaper out of it. I'm worried 'cause of the white parts that are I guess glares from the light around them. Probably the first thing I'll try to do clean up Haru and Ryoki, so it looks better, then I'll erase the background... This is going to take awhile I bet x.x;;

Oh, and the last thing.... yeah... Hypertext Markup Language... I've learning it, hehe. I'm messing around with it in this post actually. I didn't learn the code thingier for a link yet though, so I had to cheat and do that in dream weaver. Bad me...

Uh, yeah. Anyway though... I suppose that's all I have to say for now... God, I'm such a boring person, huh? I don't have tales of little old ladies trying to run me over... *glances at Smassi-kun*


:Closing Statement:
Little old ladies are fucking scary creatures O_O

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Gaia Sig Map Thingie... and 'My Space'   
03:51am 21/06/2005
mood: A bit productive... Oh my!

I got the image I'm using for a sig map thingie on Gaia ready~ Hehe. I still need to get the coding stuff and all figured out. I have to wait to do that though... 'cause the Smass is going to help me with it! Which... I thank her greatly for doing, of course. Espeacialy with the way I was moody and crap today.

Ah, what a wonderful thing it is to be a woman... and have really bad cramps for like a week each month x.x Yeah, I know that's prolly more information then anyone reading this wanted to know... but I say hah! to you... hah! I say... HAH!

I'm hyper... yup... that I am.

Moving on... fear the sig map image thingie I made! Fear it I say! Feeaaaar!

Uh... yeah... that's it... ^^;; After Smassie helps me figure out how to do the coding and all for it, I might make a bigger one later on... In fact, I'm sure I will since I'm plotting to open up a mini shop and all~ Even though I know it'll be hard to do on my own since I suck at all things artistic x.x

Oi, and my damned scanner... It's stopped working again! My computer desk is fulla trash and stuff right now though... empty pop cans and random things form different fast food places... I'm so messy x.x I'm like a... guy!

Oh, I nearly forgot about the 'My Space' thing. I got one of those 'My Space' things set up on MSN. By the way, the new version of MSN messenger I downloaded... is awesome! I'm even getting on it more frequently and stuff now. Too bad I don't know many people who use it x.x;;

Anyway though. Here's a link to 'My Space' on MSN.
Limen - The threshold of a physiological or psychological response

Well, that's all I have to say this time... I really need to try to post in this thing more often...


Closing Statement:
I miss teh Kelpseed T_T Damn her computer for being a totally messed up piece of shit!!!

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I got stuff~ ... and ohemgee... Finally I am with icon!   
08:45pm 08/06/2005
mood: Oh dear Lord... I'm happy!
I went shopping today, with my dad's girlfriend Debbie. I had a pretty good time. I went over to Muncie Mall, got some stuff from a bookstore there... I think it was called bookland, and Suncoast, mainly. I also got a shirt from another store, I forget which it was. Anyway though, I got some manga and anime. The manga I got is Alchino volumes 1 & 2, The Demon Ororon volume 1, Faeries' Landing volume 9, Gravitation volume 11, Hands Off! volume 3, RG VEDA volume 1, Snow Drop volume 9, Tokyo Babylon volume 7, and Vampire Game volume 11. The anime I got is the Gravitation dvd 4, and Serial Experiments Lain 2 & 3.

Humm... the t-shirt I got, I like. It's grey... my dad should be happy. I finally get a piece of clothing that isn't mainly black! Hehe. Anyway. It says on it in big capital letters 'YOU DON'T KNOW ME', then under it it has in small letters '(and you don't want to either)'

Besides getting that stuff at the mall, I also got a couple of figurines. One of Subaru from .hack//SIGN, and also one of Chii from Chobits.

After leaving Muncie Mall, we went to goodwill. I got some CD holders to put my burned CDs with manga and crap on them in. I also got some nice shoes that were just three dollars... I got a nice vase too, and a crystal bell with a nice silver handle. I also got a used candle... well, the thing is, it's a red glass heart that's nice looking. Ya know, something you'd buy to place a candle in. Well yeah, it has a used up candle in it that came in it and all... ^^;; Hehe. Some stuck up little preppy bitches made fun of me a bit and laughed at me for getting it x.x *ignored them though*

Then, we headed over to Walmart. I got a bunch of different kinds of candles. They all smell really good. I got a few candle holders too. I also got a silver pocketwatch~ It's nice and the part that flips down over the front is kinda chain-link looking. It's nice.

Moving on. After all the shopping was finished, Debbie and I stopped at a little cafe in Yorktown. It was nice and cheap... a lot of food too. I couldn't finish all of mine and I was already so full I didn't feel like moving about lol. Debbie and I decided we should drag my dad over there on Father's day, actually. I already got him a pressent... a red t-shirt with a picture of a grill on it with hamburgers on it that look kinda burned... It says 'Dad's Diner', then under the grill it says 'Burn it up then serve it cold!'

Hm, yeah... I headed home then, and here I am~

Oh yes, my icon. Finally I've got an icon. I made the different parts of it, and de wolderful seed of Kelp animated it for me because she's a wonderful sexy person who's fun to grope! Yesh she ish!



:Closing Statement:
Teh Smasseh has big boobs that I would like to grope >.>
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Bakura Plushie + Ryou Plushie + Pencil = ...   
12:06am 05/06/2005
mood: delirious... maybe
*snickers then motions below*

Felicia: *glances at Kelsey* ... Hey..
Kelsey: *innocent blink of doom* Hm?
Felicia Why do you never put a Bakura plushie next to a Ryou plushie and a pencil?
Kelsey: Umm... I don't know!
Felicia: The pencil would end up shoved up the Ryou plushie's bum.
Kelsey: .......Oh my Gods! NOT RYOU! ;___;
Felicia: ... *knows Ryou had to of enjoyed it... just like Bakura did...*
Kelsey: Bad pencil! BAD! Go to your room like the dog you are. >_x
Pencil: *whimper* But I like it up Ryou's bum!
Bakura: It is a nice place *knowing nod*
Felicia: Hmm... *eyes Ryou* ... *pulls out a banana* ...


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My Room and Avatar Rating Thread~   
04:26pm 02/06/2005
mood: hyper
Well, first of all~ I got my room totally rearranged, and I also cleaned it... I hate cleaning... so that's a total miracle, huh? Hm, It took forever to do, too. I had to move all of my manga and anime off of my bookshelves, before I had to put them all back. I put a new bookshelf in my room, so yeah. I rearranged how they were organized a small bit... which I'm thinking of doing agin actually... >> *thinks she's getting to be rather picky*

Well, anyway. About the Rating Thread thing. I made a new rating thread on Gaia n.n It's right here-

Oh, I also went fishing a few days back. I didn't catch anything though. Barely anyone caught anything. The fish just weren't biting for some reason x.x;; It suucked. Hopefully next time I go fishing I'll have better luck.

09:41pm 25/05/2005
mood: very... blah
The modem in my laptop went out, so I wasn't able to get online at all for several days. Then I managed to lose everything I hade saved on my laptop. Several characters, and a story I had begun to write about my character Nathaniel.

Good news is, I finally got my regular computer back, and everything seems to still be on it thank God.

Uh, that's all for now I suppose...
Computer and Laptop News   
04:41pm 26/04/2005
mood: very bouncy
Okay, first of all, my computer had... stopped working basically. I was so freaked out when it did, I really thought that I would loose all of my stuff on it. The guy who's fixing it now though, says he can save all the stuff I have on it~ n.n I'm suppose to get it back later today, but I dunno if I really will or not. I hope I do though.

As for the laptop thing, I will most likely be getting a new one. It is suppose to be much better then the total piece of shit one I have now. I mean, this damn thing... I can't go around the net normally at all. When I do, a thing comes up on my laptop and says I'm out of virtual memory and everything, then usually AOL shuts down on me >.<;;;

Well, anyway. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this stupid crap much longer, and I can finally start getting back onto Gaia. Yeah, that's right, Gaia is too much for this laptop to handle for more then a little while >_<

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... Woohoo, new lj ...   
03:48pm 25/04/2005
mood: rather indifferent
Well, this is my new livejournal... Sudden change, I know. I guess I just felt like a change though ^^;;

I don't really have anything to say... since I don't feel like going over all the sucky shit that's happened to me lately. I might cover it in a later post though ^^;;

Oh and since Sam commanded me to say this since I didn't have any posts yet:

'Squirrels like nuts!!!'

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